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RSC Homepage
Our Race Sim Central news items for you to read and reply to...
by norbs
04-08-2007 11:05 Go to last post
2,253 28,277
Our Race Sim Central articles for you to read and reply to. You're welcome to post your own in here.
by JAG1977
26-07-2007 09:28 Go to last post
114 1,077
Site polls as displayed on the main page.
by vroom
01-08-2007 14:06 Go to last post
53 2,741
RSC Site Features
RSC Competitions forum, you've got to be in it, to win it.
by funcky
25-04-2007 06:39 Go to last post
57 2,971
Racesim Central Special Events
160 2,638
Forum for the web based race manager game BATracer
by aidia
27-07-2007 23:10 Go to last post
266 2,004
The Official Rank Forum
The official forums for the organisation behind all the simracing Ranks like GPL Rank, GTRank and so on! Uwe Schuerkamp & the other staff will be active in this forums!
Everything concerning simracing ranks in here!
26-07-2007 10:00 Go to last post
23 150
General Discussions
Off topic forums of all types in the real and simulated world
Everything OT! Also: RANT Arena.
by JD
05-08-2007 02:23 Go to last post
7,635 267,360
Post all your favorite screenshots in here!
by Leach
04-08-2007 13:35 Go to last post
290 6,703
Those Magnificent Men In Their (Virtual) Flying Machines!
by cpd
04-08-2007 20:07 Go to last post
643 6,600
Just beaten the computer at chess? Won with Fifa Soccer? Tell us all about it!
03-08-2007 08:11 Go to last post
637 6,235
Real racing discussion. Also features the Racing History forum & much more!
05-08-2007 02:52 Go to last post
4,482 59,578
Discuss the technical side of race simulations here...
106 756
Naked women's mud-wrestling fan? Football fan? Olympics? This is YOUR forum!
454 5,612
All things car related.
1,156 27,700
Talk about bikes and motorbikes
442 5,565
Discuss your radio control & scale models and post pics of your latest creations here.
526 3,679
Art, textures and logos
by busyman
03-08-2007 01:34 Go to last post
546 6,667
As the name says... everything from your holiday snapshots, to heavily arranged model shots
421 9,963
Screen, Stage, Music, Books or any other forms of entertainment!
1,214 37,573
Hardware & Software
Everything to do with what goes into your PC and comes out the other end
Any hardware issues and problems as well as driver and other software issues can be sorted out in here. You can also ask for advice on buying hardware and software here.
by north
05-08-2007 02:00 Go to last post
4,775 28,017
Here is the place to buy, sell or trade your hardware and software.
04-08-2007 23:22 Go to last post
1,179 4,444
Show off your homegrown hardware, or get some help from the experts in wheel building & modification.
05-08-2007 03:11 Go to last post
2,389 29,595
Discuss programming techniques with other like-minded nerds! Any language you care to discuss, web or PC executable - doesn't matter.
27-07-2007 02:45 Go to last post
91 653
Sim Racing Controllers & Cockpits
Official and community fora for commercial controller manufacturers.
Community forum for Advantage 1 wheels and pedals.
04-08-2007 06:08 Go to last post
175 1,867
Unofficial community forum for Act Labs shifters, wheels, and pedals.
124 1,016
Community forum for BallRacing Developments wheels, pedals and raceframes.
152 1,935
Community forum for ECCI wheels and pedals.
232 2,337
The Official Home of "VPP - Virtual Performance Parts" - creator of simracing hardware, made in Germany.
by Berniyh
03-08-2007 09:37 Go to last post
141 1,462
Official forum for Finnmotion pedals.
25 233
Discuss this motion simulator designed from the ground up for racing. Hosted in cooperation with www.force-dynamics.com
15-05-2007 03:48 Go to last post
95 598
Community forum for the Japanese hardware manufacturer FREX.
by T-Man
05-08-2007 01:52 Go to last post
437 4,761
Community forum for Natural Point hardware, including the TrackIR
02-08-2007 19:04 Go to last post
73 457
Official forum for NIXIM hardware & race frames
32 597
The official forum for "Revzalot Motorsports" products.
6 59
Utah USA, Redline Simulations.
3 64
Community forum for Thomas Enterprises Inc, the makers of the TSW and TSW2 sim-racing controllers.
by Tom_T
18-07-2007 05:16 Go to last post
97 657
The official forum of "CXC Simulations", combining space age materials with cutting edge design to create extremely realistic racing simulation products and state-of-the-art control systems
5 9
Welcome to the home of the CST Performance Pedals Manufacturer. Visit the website!
73 1,125
Community forum for vracers.com cockpits
5 14
Formula One & Open-Wheel Simulations
Shared with GPLEA, for all your GPL needs...
38,905 526,554
Home of the Team Players mod group
17-10-2005 16:00 Go to last post
3 6
Visit the GPL car and track editing forums here.
2,529 22,522
Discuss Geoff Crammond's GP2, GP3 and GP4 sims here...
826 3,878
by kn00tcn
22-07-2007 18:11 Go to last post
107 852
Discuss the new sim by Paolo Cattani !
83 514
Ask your questions and forward your ideas to the Broadsword development team.
by Ben K
20-07-2007 09:21 Go to last post
88 946
Home of the VDT addon for netKar
by st
16-07-2007 04:25 Go to last post
43 429
EA F1 Simulations & Series Mods
Discussion on the latest EA Games F1 sim and it's editing
by wookey
05-08-2007 01:42 Go to last post
5,552 39,731
Post your questions and discuss the older EA F1 sims here
by adriah
21-07-2007 07:26 Go to last post
1,620 8,356
Home for forums for mods to the EA F1 series of sims
by wookey
05-08-2007 01:43 Go to last post
13,880 162,641
NASCAR Simulations
by itgl72
31-07-2007 15:24 Go to last post
192 1,649
31-10-2006 03:09 Go to last post
49 241
Discuss NASCAR Heat and the brilliant mods made for this game
25-05-2007 08:22 Go to last post
255 1,152
Papyrus Racing Games
Discuss all aspects of Papyrus' N2003 here.
04-08-2007 17:23 Go to last post
5,182 34,607
Discuss all aspects of NASCAR Racing 1, 2, 1999, 3, 4 & 2002 Season.
27-07-2007 07:21 Go to last post
259 978
SIMBIN Simulations
Official community forum for the SimBin Development Team. discuss GTR and other SBDT related issues.
9,299 130,402
discuss GT Legends here
by ReDi
05-08-2007 01:52 Go to last post
5,801 68,281
Discuss GTR2 here
5,300 74,647
Discuss the official WTCC simulation here!
1,144 12,077
The official forum for SimBin's RACE 07, the newly released WTCC Game. Visit the RACE07 official website!
by Kyril
05-08-2007 03:03 Go to last post
6 36
Image Space
Discuss this totally open sim racing revolution from ISI... www.rfactor.net
9,206 107,104
Home forum for teams working on rFactor mods
6,748 118,141
Live for Speed
Discuss all topics specific to "Live For Speed" in here and visit their website at: www.liveforspeed.net
04-08-2007 05:59 Go to last post
18,100 243,899
NetKar Pro Developments
Discuss the racing sim for purists... NetKar Pro
04-08-2007 05:09 Go to last post
2,586 39,001
Discuss the old 0.99 version of netKar in here
29-06-2007 10:10 Go to last post
78 1,076
Simcito Simulations
by deggis
31-07-2007 09:21 Go to last post
144 2,639
Drag Central
Drag Racing Simulation
Drag Racing Simulation.
24-07-2007 19:57 Go to last post
10 57
Community Development
In here forums are hosted for those people in the community, which got themselves together and produce a sim for us all for free! RESPECT!!!
For Simracers, by Simracers. A Community Project. (www.motorsport-sim.org)
451 5,855
Production, Saloon and Sportscars Simulations
04-08-2007 09:25 Go to last post
86 892
Discuss World Racing 2, Mercedes Benz World Racing, and also the good old "Mercedes Benz TRUCK racing" and Breakneck & Axelerator. website: www.synetic.de
by tazmade
08-07-2007 20:40 Go to last post
271 2,120
Home for ssracing
20 257
Discuss all the titles in the NFS series... High Stakes, MotorCity Online, Porche Unleashed and the rest of them
205 1,275
Good old Sportscar GT... Still with a huge crowd of loyal fans and still very much alive.
by jmlima
04-08-2007 22:44 Go to last post
4,093 37,800
In association with VRGTA
27-07-2007 15:54 Go to last post
344 2,520
Contribute to and discuss this new freeware hot-hatch simulation
6 26
This is the forum where you can talk about the xbox game PGR2
19-06-2007 23:07 Go to last post
69 453
This is the forum where you can talk about the PS2 game Gran Turismo 4
by Linus27
28-07-2007 11:13 Go to last post
339 4,719
Discuss Ataris massive multiplayer online racing game
63 653
Mixed Car Type Simulations
Official Forum for Racer. Racer is a free and open car simulation project, created by Ruud van Gaal, attempting to use real car and vehicle physics to get a life-like feeling. Cars, tracks, scenes and such can be created for it, with relative simplic
10,328 183,976
Home for Type-S homepage
by Adien
06-07-2007 22:22 Go to last post
43 472
A terrain-based driving simulator
by Roger W
07-07-2007 22:05 Go to last post
50 406
by Zigma
28-06-2007 10:03 Go to last post
66 1,208
07-07-2007 06:05 Go to last post
330 2,224
Rally & Dirt Simulations
Forum for the rally sim from Warthog.
by jaizm
04-08-2007 04:22 Go to last post
1,285 12,582
Discuss the Colin McRae rally game series.
129 593
Discuss BugBears Rally Trophy...
by hansje
17-03-2007 20:40 Go to last post
102 496
Discuss BugBears genious 4 wheel rampage title "FlatOut"....
by Motter
24-06-2007 03:36 Go to last post
103 610
Discuss Techlands rally title. Techland representatives will monitor and help you here.
97 458
Discuss Cross Racing Championship...
17-07-2007 00:35 Go to last post
19 121
Discuss the mass marketed dirt and rally sims which have graced the market.
by Duel
02-07-2007 21:07 Go to last post
270 1,408
Other Simulations
Discuss the current NHRA & IHRA Drag Racing simulations.
29 132
Discuss the "Rigs of Rods" truck simulator, based on an advanced soft-body physics engine.
121 832
Discuss 4x4 Off-Road sims such as Monster Truck Madness 2 here.
by MBW13
06-07-2007 18:43 Go to last post
106 1,070
Discuss this little gem made by independent developer 3impact
by Seggons
24-12-2006 21:40 Go to last post
21 76
Discuss any bike sim...
by Jucke
01-08-2007 11:30 Go to last post
298 2,051
Discuss e.g. TIR, Racing Simulation3 and all other games and simulations not covered in their own section.
18-07-2007 02:50 Go to last post
181 729
Arcade Gaming
Games that can be described as more 'fun' than 'simulation'!
Ahhh those were the days... you MUST try this little game.This is now the official forum home of the Generally website
by JTarJ
05-08-2007 01:59 Go to last post
11,850 151,545
18-07-2007 23:23 Go to last post
12 51
Discuss the "simracing puzzle" game TrackMania
by patte
05-08-2007 00:29 Go to last post
56 236
Are you bored of racing alone? Do you think you are the fastest driver? Prove It! www.miniracingonline.com Free races online!
206 1,675
Controversial, cruel, offensive FUN!
03-08-2007 23:57 Go to last post
83 659
The story based escape drive!
13 85
Console Gaming
Discuss the Xbox, PS2 or other console games here. Simracing has a future on consoles, this is the place to find out what's hot and whats not.
Forum to discuss Xbox games
23-04-2007 00:18 Go to last post
119 820
Forum to discuss Playstation 2 games
274 2,023
Discuss games for all the other many consoles out there
26-04-2007 20:02 Go to last post
35 123
Other Hosted Forums
Here are all forums that RSC hosts but which don't fit into any other of our category's.
Bob's Track Builder
85 844
League Forums
Forums of racing leagues for all types of simulations
7,464 87,739
20-03-2007 19:04 Go to last post
1,596 16,443
Home of the dLeague series.
2,093 24,506
by mbrio
21-01-2004 11:54 Go to last post
1 1
Forum for the BRISCA Heat racing "UK Dirt" league
8,957 68,480
Brought to you by the folks at PC RACERS.net
by weihmue
19-07-2007 17:12 Go to last post
11 11
National Forums
Non-English forums or 'local area' ones for national members
Home of Danish Simracing and co-founders of RaceSimCentral.
05-08-2007 03:08 Go to last post
12,625 133,066
S.NL - Simracing.nl
Lined up as a partner of Race Sim Central, Simracing.nl provides the drivers in The Netherlands with all their simracing needs.
- - -
Home of the Aussie Racing Simulations Enthusiasts
23-07-2007 23:27 Go to last post
4,089 58,534
We have a new home, please visit https://forum.swedishsimracers.com.
3,072 49,795
British Racing Enthusiasts And Select Tourists Society
Home of the British Racing Enthusiasts And Select Tourists Society
04-08-2007 11:28 Go to last post
478 9,051
Norwegian Language ahead, enter at own risk.
by FinnZ
03-08-2007 23:52 Go to last post
1,338 22,504
Discuss Simracing and related issues in French
by Joe St.
04-07-2007 00:36 Go to last post
357 3,750
by Joe St.
04-07-2007 00:42 Go to last post
476 2,289
South Africans discuss your racing sims and organise on-line races and leagues.
by Joe St.
04-07-2007 00:47 Go to last post
299 1,610
The place for Finnish Sim Racers
by Muikuli
05-08-2007 02:14 Go to last post
207 5,249
They even named a country after this type of bikini wax? This is the forum for members from the South American country.
by RaphJam
03-08-2007 08:20 Go to last post
65 522
Forum for Swiss sim racers
17-02-2007 08:16 Go to last post
29 143
Forum for the Portuguese racing community
by Joe St.
04-07-2007 00:44 Go to last post
35 318
by -RaZOR-
04-08-2007 11:13 Go to last post
129 2,168
Greek Sim Racing and whatever else you might like to chat about.
8 31
126 1,420
This forum is for German simracers. Hier wird Deutsch gesprochen.
134 1,580
RSC Subsites Forums
Forums hosted for the RSC subsites on https://www.rscsites.org.

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