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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: What is a DVD/CD key and where can I find it?

A: The DVD/CD key is needed to activate the game’s copy protection after installation. This key is printed on the game’s installation disc. When running GT Legends for the first time, you are prompted to type in this key. This is only required once to unlock the game.

Q: What is an online serial key and where can I find it?

A: The ‘Online Serial Key’ is needed to register an account with the GT Legends Internet service (Lobby). With this account you can access the GT Legends Lobby server from where all internet multiplayer games are hosted and listed. This unique key is printed on the back of the User Manual provided with your game.
You only need to register once with the Lobby and you can use this account for all player profiles used in your game.
Note: do not share this key with others! The key is unique and duplicate keys are not allowed by the Lobby.

Q: I cannot get past the protection screen on loading the game after a succesfull installation

A: Try using Starforce's Update Tool

Q: I’ve lost my Lobby account password, is there a way to retrieve it?

A: Yes. Visit the GT Legends website and go to the Support section where a password recovery service can be found. Insert your Online Key Code and you will receive an email with your username and password on the address provided at game registration. To go there directly click here.
Q: Can I change the password and/or email address of my Lobby account?

A: Yes. Visit the GT Legends website and go to the Support section where the Lobby account administration can be found. Login with your username and password for the Lobby account to be able to change your account details. To go there directly click here.

Game play

Q: Cup Challenge: in some Cup Challenges I'm racing against AI cars that are not in the eligible teams listing.

A: The GT Legends Cup Challenge mode is designed to gradually master your driving skills and finesse. The cars you get to drive in a Cup Challenge are not always going to be the same as the cars the AI are using. When you progress through the game these cars will become eligible in other challenges.

Q: Cup Challenge: Why don’t I win the highest Cup Trophy award when finishing first in a Cup Challenge event?

A: The type of Cup Trophy awarded at the end of a Cup Challenge event is linked to the difficulty level that was chosen to race with. For example, in Beginner mode a Bronze Trophy is the highest award that can be achieved, while playing in Professional mode can win you the ultimate Diamond Trophy. Note that the amount of credits awarded after each event is also linked to the difficulty level chosen. See your game manual for details.

Q: Cup Challenge: Why can’t I change my difficulty level when I’m continuing a Cup Challenge?

A: The difficulty setting for a Cup Challenge is chosen when you enter the first race of the challenge. For each following race inside the challenge the difficulty is locked because the credits and Cup Trophy awards are linked to the difficulty level chosen for the complete Challenge. Therefore, when you continue a race inside a Challenge the difficulty level is automatically set and other options are disabled and grayed out.

Q: Multiplayer: Does the game feature Artificial Intelligence (AI) controlled cars in Multiplayer mode?

A: No, AI opponents are not available in Multiplayer mode.

Q: Driving Assists: Why can or can’t I turn on certain driving assists during a race?

A: The number of allowed driving assists is determined by the difficulty setting and controller type. Beginner level allows all driving assists whereas very few are available in Professional mode. Note that digital controllers (e.g. keyboard, digital joypads) are allowed additional assists to ensure playability, even in Professional mode. Custom driving assist settings are carried over between races.

Q: I’ve set up a Quick Race and duplicate drivers and cars appear on the grid. How can I avoid this?

A: When more AI opponents are chosen at race setup than there are available teams, duplicate team names will appear in the race. When the opponents slider number in the race setup menu turns from orange to white duplicate teams will appear. To avoid duplicates, move the opponents slider until the number readout is orange.

Q: I’ve set up an Open Practice and duplicate cars appear in the session. How can I avoid this?

A: If you choose an AI class which has less than 5 iterations of a car model (Abarth TC1000 for example) duplicate cars will appear in the practice session. To avoid this make sure that enough different AI classes are selected for the open practice session.


Q: Can I replace the music tracks in GT Legends with my own MP3 songs?

A: Yes. To listen to your own music in GT Legends, copy MP3 music tracks into the 'Music' folder of your GT Legends installation on your hard disk. You can either add songs to the existing music or replace the tracks by your own. There is no need to rename the MP3 files. Tracks will be played in random order in various sections of the game. Enable In-Car Music from the Options menu to enjoy racing while listening to your favorite songs.
In case you copied the music while running the game in windowed mode you need to restart the game for the changes to take effect.

Q: Can I put the car in reverse gear by using the brake, like in several other games?

A: Yes. Turn on the Automatic Reverse option in Options -> Realism. After braking to a complete stop the car will start to reverse after a short time of continuously stepping on the brake pedal or pressing the appropriate key.
(Note that the “automatic gearbox” option must be turned on as well, or the car will not automatically select the reverse gear.)

Q: Replays: Why do the cars seem to float around in my replay?

A: This happens when you’ve used the Time Acceleration feature during the recorded section, which causes the recorded data to be less accurate.

Q: Replays: Why is the time of day not correct in my replay?

A: This happens when you’ve used the Daylight Acceleration feature (Options -> Realism) during the session. Daylight Acceleration is not supported in Replay.

Q: Multiplayer: How can I vote for a next session or event while driving, without returning to the garage chat?

A1: Start the game and go to the Options ->Multiplayer. You will see a list of various chat phrases. Choose one that you don't think you'll ever use and replace it with the following phrase:

/vote yes

Note: to change the default key binding (CTRL+1-0) go to the Controller options and then click on the word ‘Extra’ at the bottom right of the key binding panel. Scroll down until you get to the Quick Chat # binding that you’ve just replaced with /vote yes. Assign a new shortcut key to it.

A2: Open your player file ([game root]\UserData\YourPlayerName\YourPlayerName.plr) with notepad. Under the section [ CHAT ] edit the following line:

Quick Chat #1="/vote yes"

Pressing CTRL+1 while on track will now result in a ‘yes’ vote. Note that any of the 10 Quick Chat key bindings can be used for this.

Q: Multiplayer: How can I see the player names and pings of the other players while on track?

A: Press the TAB key (default) while you're on track and the player name and ping will be displayed above each car in sight.

Q: Multiplayer: How can I set up a Dedicated Server to host a game in the GT Legends internet Lobby system?

A: GT Legends features the ability to run a version of the game strictly as a host for races. This program is called “GTLDedicated” and an icon will be placed on the desktop during installation if it was permitted. It can also be found in the game’s root folder as “GTLDedicated.exe” or run from the Windows Start Menu. To learn how to set up a server read the "dedicated_server.txt" and "GTL_Server_Hosting.txt" located in the installed game's "Support" directory.

Q: How can I see the frame rate?

A: Press Ctrl + F while you're on the track and the frame rate will be displayed in the top right corner of the screen.

Q: How can I see the race information from the HUD while in Cockpit view?

A: Race information such as local time, lap time, fastest lap and gear are displayed in the little LCD display on the dashboard of each car. Use the SPACE bar (default) to cycle through the available race information on the display.

Q: How can I see the gear I’m in when racing in Cockpit view?

A: The gear number is displayed in the little LCD display on the dashboard of each car. If this number is hard to read or you prefer a clearer readout in Cockpit view you can turn on the Cockpit Gear Display (Options -> Realism) to display the gear in the HUD. Alternatively you can toggle this display while driving by pressing the “5” key (default).

Q: How come my LCD Display in Cockpit view is not working?

A: Maybe it is turned off. Press the "3" key (default mapping) to turn it back on.

Q: How come the dials in Cockpit view are not working?

A: Maybe they are turned off. Press the "4" key (default mapping) to turn them back on.


Q: Why does GT Legends fail to start after installation?

A: Check if your computer matches the system requirements. If GTL fails to start, try changing the "Shader Level" setting in GTL Configuration application. This app is run automatically after installation and can also be started from the Windows Start Menu (Start > 10Tacle Studios > GTL > Configure GT Legends) or by running “GTLConfig.exe” from the installed game root folder.
Some graphics cards report incorrect information for the DirectX shader level they support, and so the default "Auto" option can cause problems. This is especially common in integrated graphics chipsets such as those found in notebooks.
If you are still having problems, try updating your graphics card, sound card and motherboard drivers.

Q: How can I improve game performance?

A: Try out lower detail settings in the Options -> Video tab. If you still experience very bad performance on the lowest settings, try setting the Shader Level on DirectX 8 or lower. Some older DirectX9 cards do not fully support GT Legend's advanced shaders.

Here are some more detailed suggestions to maximize your racing experience with the computer you are using:

Adjust in-game settings.

01. Reduce the number of AI opponents.
02. Lower the “opponent detail” setting in the graphics menu.
03. Turn off “High Detail Wheels” in the advanced menu.
04. Turn off “High Res Car Livery” in the advanced menu.
05. Set “Shadow Quality” to medium in the advanced menu.
06. Turn off the “trackside characters” option in the graphics menu.
07. Beware using 60X daylight acceleration with large grids of cars. Night racing is very machine intensive.
08. Turn down the "Shadows" option on the graphics menu.
09. To improve night racing performance, turn down the "Headlight Detail" option in the graphics menu.
10. Reduce replay quality, or turn them off completely.
11. Disable All Character Anims="1" (Edit in player file * Note you loose marshals in doing so)
12. Arms Visible In Cockpit="0" (Edit in player file)
13. Windscreen dirt buildup="1" (Edit in player file * a small gain)

New entry on stutters (for ATI card owner not sure for Nvidia)

14. Change this entry in your player file: Compressed Textures="1" to "0" zero. Set the Catalist AI to off (using ATI Tool)

Adjust settings on your PC.

01. Turn off anisotropic filtering and/or full screen anti-aliasing in your Windows Graphics control panel.
02. Turn off full screen anti-aliasing in GTLConfig.
03. Lower the resolution set in GTLConfig.
04. Lower the shader level set in GTLConfig.

If you are still having problems, try updating your graphics card, sound card and motherboard drivers.

Q: Why does the game performance drop during night racing and how can I avoid this?

A: Racing during the night causes all cars to switch on their dynamic headlights. On less powerful systems this can slow down game performance compared to daylight racing. We recommend a maximum of 8 cars for smooth performance racing at night. Large fields of cars racing at night are for high end PCs only. To improve night racing performance, turn down the "Headlight Effect" detail in the Options -> Video menu.

Q: How do I backup my Profile so my game progress can be restored after re-installing the game?

A: The Garage file contains all bonus and bought cars a player has earned while playing GT Legends. This Garage system has been designed to reflect YOUR achievements in GT Legends and is protected. Hence using a Garage file obtained from a friend will not work on your system.

This restriction means that creating a legitimate backup of your Garage is not just a matter of backing up the file and adding it to a new installation.

Until the online serial number has been entered into the game (for access to the online lobby), the Garage file is written to only work on the same hard disk partition that it was installed on. After you enter (and verify) your Online Serial number, the Garage file is re-written to work on any hardware that uses the originally specified serial number.

To successfully backup/restore your Garage onto a new PC or upgraded hardware, perform the following steps:-

1) Before the backup is made ensure you have verified your online serial number at least once in the past (by logging into the Multiplayer->Internet system).

2) Backup the Garage file. (Located in [game root]\UserData\ YourPlayerName\garage.gar)

3) Reinstall the game on the new system.

4) Run the game and verify the online serial number again by logging into the multiplayer system.

5) Close down GT Legends, and restore the backed-up garage file.

This will work because the backed up garage file is based on the online serial number, the online serial has been verified in the new installation, and GT Legends will expect the garage file to be based on it (which it is!).

Q: The game freezes in the menus, what can I do to solve this?

A1: Try turning AGP fast writes on or off in the BIOS and your graphics card
settings. On some systems it has to be on, on others it has to be off.*

A2: For some ATI cards (800 X... and up) it appears that the BIOS setting "Video Cache" needs to be disabled

* Disclaimer: Editing your BIOS can cause system failures; please don't attempt this if you are not sure what you are doing. We do not take responsibility for your actions, do it at your own risk.

Q: Why does the game crash or freeze when using Alt+TAB to switch to the desktop?

A: The use of alt+TAB can cause problems on various system configurations and graphics cards and is therefore not supported.

Q: Can I host a Dedicated Server game on my computer and simultaneously run the game?

A: Dedicated Server hosting and playing on the same machine is not supported and can result in various problems.

Q: Why doesn’t the ‘Windowed Mode’ work when turned on in the GTL Configuration application?

A: The Windowed Mode only works when the same color depth is chosen for Windows and GTL. If for example your OS desktop color depth is set to 16bit and you have chosen 32bit in the GTL Configuration options, the Window Mode option will be ignored and the game will start full screen.

Q: Why does the game crash when I try to run Replays that were made with the Demo version?

A: Replay files from the GT Legends Demo version are not compatible with the retail version. Playing Demo replays in your retail version can cause the game to become unstable and crash.


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