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Old 04-07-2009, 08:13   #1751
Chris Bloom
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No TC. I did crop the picture quite a bit as well. It was quite chilly last night and the sky was quite clear. The moon was also almost directly overhead. These factors must have contributed towards the sharpness.

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Old 04-07-2009, 10:49   #1752
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Whatever the factors were, the results speak for themselves.

Here is one that I thought might result in an accident:

1/400sec, 550mm, ISO320, F/8. This is cropped to less than half the size of the original image, and then resized down to 1000px wide.

Some other misc photos:

The FedEx MD-11 made a very unstable landing attempt. It was being tossed about by nasty cross winds, and when it flared - it flared too much and floated above the runway. It eventually did touch down. It was spectacular to watch.
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Old 04-07-2009, 11:09   #1753
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Nice shots guys

i'm without my normal lens the zoom got stuck in india, auto focus still works
very strange, i only have 18 to 24mm left from the 18 to 85mm
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Old 04-07-2009, 11:55   #1754
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Originally Posted by cpd View Post
Here is one that I thought might result in an accident:
When I first looked at that I though there were two seperate planes in the first photo... that surely would have led to an accident!

Originally Posted by OS
Octavarium: Great shots of Feeder, really good control of the lighting and they look great, particularly the black and white near silhouette. Good stuff.
Thanks, I was stood 8 foot from the guys and the lighting was quite consistant throughout which made getting photos much easier!

@Dexter: Usually when I shoot in a forest or woods I can't find enough contrast for my liking, too many similar greens and browns, sadly as a result of the tragic events of earlier this year you have been able to capture some striking shots. The second to last one is my favourite, the mist and the contrast between the bare wood and the burnt bark are an eerie reminder...
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Old 04-07-2009, 16:50   #1755
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Thanks for the comments guys most appreciated.

very cool shots as always cpd.

love the moon shot Chris, some nice detail there.

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